Escape to Krabi 2017 – Day 3 (7 Island Sunset Long Tail Boat Tour)

“Enjoy island hopping to the 7 paradise islands surrounding Ao Nang by traditional longtail boat. Relax on unspoiled beaches, swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters and explore the amazing coral reefs and marine life of the Andaman Sea in Krabi. Witness a spectacular sunset and feast on an authentic barbecue dinner with Thai food and BBQ skewers”. Well thats the description of our tour package. Well off to lunch first before our pick up at 1300pm.

Quick lunch at the Street Hawkers before the pick up time
All the pancakes here are unforgettable and yummilicious

The Street Hawker near our hotel is definitely a must try! The pancakes are super delicious, crispy and its awesome sweetness can really lighten up your day, giving a good start. Their local delights are also very yummy, probably nicer than most restaurants. Time to start our tour.

We will be embarking on a 6-hour excursion to the 4 Islands just off the coast from Ao Nang. The 7 “islands” include several rocks, in addition to what most people would call islands (with beaches, surrounded by water). 7 refers to the number of stops made (Koh Tan Ming – Koh Si – Tup Islets – Chicken Island – Poda Beach – Railay Beach – plankton stop).

Arrival at the jetty

As per above, the weather is rather gloomy. We were greeted with heavy clouds and light rain. Due to the waves, we are unable to use the longtail boat. As such they place us on those large cruise boats which is overcrowded and cramped. Felt like bad organising and overbooking.

Nice village feel
One of the islands, forgot the name

We passed by some islands which are part of the 7. Made two snorkeling stops. Most of our time are spent on the boat on the seas. Weather was not too hot due to the cloudy weather.

The famous chicken island
Another Island
Sun setting in the background

By the time we arrived at Poda Island, it was close to sunset. However, due to the cloudy weather, we could not enjoy any sunset at all. We spent around 40 minutes on Poda Island, taking photos and relaxing before heading to Railay for our dinner. As the island ‘closes’ at 5pm, most tour groups had already left, and we were the last few groups left there. At least the beaches are not overcrowded.

Poda Island

After Poda Island, we headed over to Railay Beach to have dinner. As stated in the brochure we will have a “BBQ Dinner with skewers”. Unfortunately the dinner was way below expectation. Dinner was set up on a buffet table, however, as we were the last few in the queue, there was pretty much nothing left for us except rice and some Green curry sauce (no meat left). Since it was supposed to be a buffet dinner, i expect they will refill the food. Instead they told us that there are no more food and they will specially BBQ some extra food for us which was like a few additional pieces of small pathetic prawns. Funny, we didnt even manage to eat any of those skewers/bbq food as some tourists took more than they supposed to. But since it was supposed to be a buffet, how can we blame them. It was a disaster dinner. It was badly organized and the tour guide could not handle all the unhappy tourists. Some even paid a high price for the tour as they bought online.

Fire Show after dinner

The fire show was pathetic. It wasn’t even entertaining. Just some young chap trying to impress while making tons of mistakes. Oh well, what can we expect from this tour anyway.

After this we depart for Ao Nang. Along the way we stopped in the middle of the sea for some Phosphorescent Plankton Swimming. We were far too upset and cold to jump into the water to do this activity (It was almost 9pm). It was really disappointing as in the brochure, it was shown that these plankton actually floats to the surface. Accordingly to the guide, he said cos it was quite bright so we cannot really see. Loads of excuse.

Ended the day badly. We were far too tired and just want to go back to rest. I’ll never ever take this tour ever again.

Last night to try my favourite chocolate banana pancake before early departure tomorrow
Due to tbe lousy dinner had, i just have to get that pad thai to make myself feel better

Till next time, bye Krabi.


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