After a beautiful short stay in the mountains is time to head to Queenstown. Before that we decided to stop by Omarama for some pampering and relaxing. Though snow showers were expected, in the end we had a super clear skies and hot sun for a change. The drive to Omarama would take us around 1.5 hours.

Along the way, we stopped at Twizel for a short refreshment break. The weather was very clear and we felt hot for once in this chilly winter. We could still see Mount Cook from here. How nice would it be to stay close to the mountains.

Twizel Town
You could still see Mount Cook in the back

After resting, we passed by the High Country Salmon Farm. New Zealand Salmon at its best. Floating on the glacial waters of Wairepo Arm, High Country Salmon is ideally situated on State Highway 8 just south of the town of Twizel. This is a recommended stop for nice hot soups and fresh sashimi. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase salmon, feed the fish, relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

The husband enjoying the view of the farm
Clear Blue Skies and bluish waters
Fresh Sashimi

After filling our stomach, it is time to continue on to Omarama. On the way we saw the ‘Clay Cliff‘ Signboard and decided to detour to explore the region. Bear in mind this is a long drive on some VERY bad roads to get there but worth the trip. There is an “Honesty Box” at the gate to pay your entrance fee. Worth the $5! Very cool site to see if you don’t mind the horrible roads to get back there (they are really bad even by New Zealand standards!) just be sure to plan enough time as there is alot to see.

Looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings
The road to the Cliffs
The Clay Cliffs – Need a short hike up
Hubby feeling fantastic after a short hike
Beautiful views of the streams

In the end we did not hike all the way up as it was quite muddy. I am pretty sure if we have more time and better conditions, we would definitely try this again. On we go to our next highlight of the day the Omarama Hot Tubs.

Entrance of the Hot Tubs

The Hot Tubs Omarama offers daytime views across a small lake to the mountain ranges or enjoy an evening sunset then lay back and breath in the magic star scape of the milky way laid out above you. Each tub is cleaned and refilled with fresh mountain water after each use, providing you with a pure and natural experience (no chemicals are added to the water).

The hot tub and the view we are enjoying

We booked the private hot tubs a personal changing room on site. Soaking in fresh mountain water gently circulating around our bodies made our aches and pains dissolve. It is a good pampering session before our wedding photography. We paid around  $40NZD per pax for 1.5 hours.

After a nice long pampering session, it is time to move on to Queenstown where we will be staying for a few days.

Along the way we passed by Lake Dunstan. The views are spectacular and we could enjoy the famous ‘mirror lakes’ view with a bit of sunset.

Beautiful Reflections
Lake Dunstan

Finally after a total drive time of 4 hours including the detours, we arrived at Queenstown. We stayed at Haka Lodge for 5 nights . The Rate was about NZD 73 a night for a twin room with shared toilet. I think it really is a value for money as the facilities, toilet cleanliness, linens are all pretty much hotel standard.

Location: 6 Henry Street, Queenstown, 9300, New Zealand

Our Room
Dinner at PJ Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

PJ’s Fish & Chips
Address: 37 Camp Street, Queenstown-Lakes 9300, New Zealand
(03) 442 6080


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