4D 3N Mount Ruepahu Ski & Snowboard

The Ski Season is back again. Time to head to the hills for some snow again. This time, we decided to try skiing and snowboarding, one day each. Again, this shall be my first time skiing and second time boarding. The drive from Wellington to Mount Ruepahu area, takes around 4.5 hours if non stop.

Day 1: Our first stop would be Lindale Farm for some ice cream and toilet break.

Greeted by this cutie

Next, we decided to make a short detour to see the De Molen Windmill at Foxton.

De Molen, Windmill, Foxton
Foxton Beach
Crab Shell

Day 2: Skiing at Mount Ruepahu, Whakapapa ski field.

Enroute to the Ski Field

As compared to my previous trip here, there’s no snow enroute. Roads are pretty clear.

Mount Ruepahu coming into view
Back here again. The Snow is still good for skiing.
Mandatory picture of the skifield again
Ok, i look stupid here
Time to say goodbye
Love this Shot

Day 3: Snowboarding

The Snow is much better than yesterday
Shag look after snowboarding

This comes to the end of my yearly snow trip. I still prefer snowboarding than skiing. My legs get tangled up when skiing. Fell down so many times in a very awkward position. Though its been a year since i last boarded, my body seems to remember those sensations and i did not even need refreshment lessons to restart.




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