Short Transit in Sydney

13.11.2006 –

On my return to Singapore for a short break, my flight transit in Sydney was for 5 hours. Had a friend fetch me and take me to explore Sydney City for the first time.

Picture 148
The Famous Sydney Bridge
Picture 150
Looks like someone famous being interviewed
Picture 161
Sydney Opera House

Made a short visit to the external area of the Sydney Opera House and manage to ‘touch’ it. However, due to shaky hands, i did not manage to get nice pictures of it. The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most creative and busiest arts centres, featuring world-leading performances and events. We took a ferry to have a close up of the sydney bridge and have a nice overview of Sydney in the short time i have there.

Picture 191
View from of the Sydney Bridge from the Ferry
Picture 211
Close up view of Sydney Bridge
Picture 225
View of the City

After the ferry ride, we made a quick stop by at ‘Chinatown’. Unfortunately, did not get any nice photos there.

Till next time again. I will be back.



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