2D 1N Trip to Mount Ruapehu

Winter is here and off we go for my virgin trip to a snow mountain and my first attempt at snowboarding. Benefits of studying in New Zealand, you get to visit their awesome nature attractions as a mini trips during the weekends. Student life in NZ rocks. Of course, we have to slave ourselves at our part time job to make a trip like this.

Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 013
Our Rented vans for our group trip

We stayed around Ohakune and drove up to Whakapapa Ski Field.

Woke up with light snow covering the cars – First taste of snow!
Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 066
Enroute to Mount Ruapehu
Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 070
Reaching Soon!
Getting Closer
It Started to Snow – Look who’s crossing!
Picture 065
Getting Frosty
Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 076
Fresh Snow!

Oh my god, snow was everywhere. It was my first time seeing so much snow. Can’t wait to get on the field for more awesome adventures.

Step onto the side of NZ’s largest active volcano, Mt Ruapehu.  Situated within a dual World Heritage National Park, this spiritually and culturally significant maunga (mountain) is the highest in the North Island.

Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 093
Time to get ourselves fitted in our gear and get onto the chairlifts to the ski fields
Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 300.jpg
Beginners Field
Ski Trip - Mount. Ruapehu 092
Look at those chairlifts!
The view on the chairlifts
Oops! Crash into my friend

Overall it was an exhilarating experience. The snow was very soft making the falls seems less pain. Tip for newbies, please do not over dress. You will sweat alot!

Picture 94
Sunset at the Ski Resort at Mount Ruapehu

Greeted by the sunset on our way down. Time to say goodbye. I will be back for sure.

Picture 95
The famous Mount Ruapehu

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